Legal Advice

AK attorneys offer legal advice to clients hiring home improvement contractors. There are several details that entail a home improvement contract. To be on the safe side, seek guidance from our law experts in home improvements.

Payment and Collection

You can’t afford to pay a contractor before you are satisfied of his home improvement services. In this regard, our attorneys act as a link between the home owner and the contractor. We will hold the payment in an account until the home improvement project is completed.

Contract Preparation

AK Home Improvement Attorneys plays a big role in ensuring that the home owner and contractor have signed a contract. We help both parties in drafting the contract documents that suits their interests. This law abiding document is recognized by the government of South Africa.

Insurance Issues

We work closely with contractors to effectively handle their insurance issues. To peacefully concentrate on your work, our attorneys are dedicated undertake all your insurance matters. We will visit all the required centers to ensure that your insurance issues are cleared in advance.

Legal Representation

In case of a dispute or unprecedented loss, AK attorneys in South Africa will handle your law suit. We have a contract with our contractors to defend them as you continue with your construction projects. We will also offer legal advice and detailed progress on your law suit.

Dispute resolution

AK attorneys in South Africa are experienced in resolving disputes. In case any arises, we do our best to solve the problem as fast as possible. We will provide the parties involved with a platform to make their cases and provide a solution.

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